Best Boy Lifestyles

作者:Greg Bunyea 和 我

Get multi purpose furniture (stools can be used for sitting or a side table when needed)

Don’t get IKEA MICKE tables, too narrow to do anything.

No dressers (closets or bins are better. If you can’t see your clothes do they even exist?) For example, using a bin on the floor works much like a dresser, but lets you place clothes that aren’t “ready to be washed” back on top for reuse. Drawers in a dresser are often difficult to push back in because clothes hang out of them – bins help avoid this mess

Always have a toolbox – curate it to your needs (an ethernet cable may be more useful to your toolbox than a hammer)

You don’t need nice furniture, but have something for guests to sit on. Repurposing a lawn chair for a winter get-together is A-OK

We encourage you to invest your money into the things that will most greatly impact your quality of life. Don’t cheap out on something you’ll use everyday — that can be a 2k 27″ display or a stove-top pizza oven.

You don’t need a lot of wall art, but some is better than none. Approx 1 item per 2 walls is good (think two walls of a square room). If you have art that’s meaningful to you, that’s better. If you want to go the extra mile and make some art – more power to you!

Always have a hand-towel in your bathroom – most people don’t dry their hands on their pants. (The world can’t always change for us, sometimes we have to change for the world)

Decorate your space with your hobbies – your space is a reflection of you so show off who you are a little (Put drawings on the wall if you’re into art, have a nice video game set up or a board-game wall). Not into something? then don’t bother. I’m not an audiophile so I’m not going to buy a record player because it doesn’t mean much to me.


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